Glenda Kellow

Secondary Vice-President

Joe McIntyre

Executive Vice-President

Jason Capone


Kevin Deely


Executive Officers

affiliate of PSEA and NEA​A

Vicky Borchardt

Assoc. Secretary/

Karen Borghi

Elementary Vice-President


Chief Executive Officer of the Association and President of the Representative Council.  

  • Exclusive spokesperson of the Association, except regarding matters of collective bargaining, which shall be the responsibility of the Chief Negotiator. 
  • Create committees, and appoint the chair and members of the committees, with the consent of the Representative Council.Serve as a member of each committee, ex officio
  • Visit, from time to time, the schools and other workplaces of members. 
  • Preside over meetings of Representative Council and the General Membership, and prepare the agenda for such meetings
  • Assign duties to and monitor the progress of Officers, Building Representatives and Committee Chairs.   
  • Attend all plenary meetings of the Easton Area Board of School Directors.  (or designee)  
  • Inform members of any significant actions taken by the Easton Area Board of School Directors.  
  • Serve as Grievance Chair

Executive Vice President

  • Assume the duties of the President in the case of the President’s absence, which shall mean any situation where the President is unable to perform duties. 
  • Chair at least one standing committee and attend specific PSEA functions at the request of the President.  
  • Communicate regularly with the President and Secretary / Treasurer. Serve on the Grievance Board.

Secondary & Elementary Vice Presidents

Secondary (7-12) & Elementary (K-6)

  • Convene meetings of members and Representatives in their respective areas, for the purpose of discussing issues that affect members in their area.
  • Represent the interests of the members in their respective areas.
  • Serve on the Grievance Committee.

Secretary/Treasurer & Associate Secretary Treasurer 

Chief Financial Officer of the Association

  • Serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association
  • Maintain sole possession of the Seal of the Association.
  • Record motions made at Representative Council and keep in an official file.
  • Maintain a system of accounting for all assets and property held by the Association. 
  • Keep a record of the minutes of each meeting of the Representative Council and the General Membership. 
  • Maintain accurate membership information with PSEA.
  • Serve as Elections chair. ​
  • Prepare monthly reports of amounts spent and received. 
  • Arrange for an audit of the books within sixty days of the close of the fiscal year.