Building Representatives are a vital part of the Association. Each Building in the school district has one or more Building Representatives. Building Representatives are teachers that are elected by their fellow teachers. They serve three important roles:

Reps communicate with the teachers in their building via email, faculty meetings and informal conversations. They also meet regularly with officers. This ensures that information flows smoothly between members and officers.

Reps advise members in their buildings in professional matters. They provide information on ethics and professionalism, as well as information about the contract. Reps also advise members who have questions about certification, retirement, and benefits.


Building Representatives meet monthly as the Representative Council. Along with the officers, the Representative Council serves as the policy-making board for the Association. They help guide and direct the Association, approve the annual budget, and decide issues of importance to members.

Members are entitled to proportional representation. Each building is entitled to the following number of representatives as indicated.

EASTON AREA HIGH SCHOOL: (4) Karen Rose, Megan Murray, Jason Mohap, Jeannine Capecci, Blakely Mayrosh (Alternate), (Alternate-vacant).   

EASTON AREA MIDDLE SCHOOL (EAMSC) (3) Karen O'Neill, Chris Ruhf, Paul Dorney, Melissa Sundahl (Alternate), Brandi Rittenhouse (Alternate).  

EASTON AREA ACADEMY: (1) Justin Ziegler, John Pursell III (Alternate).

ADA B. CHESTON ELEMENTARY: (1) Christine Nicholas, (Alternate-vacant). 

FORKS ELEMENTARY: (1) Lisa Bowman, Veronica George (Alternate).  

F.A. MARCH ELEMENTARY: (1) Melissa Breiner, Caitlin Linsenmann (Alternate). 

PALMER ELEMENTARY: (1) James Bedeaux, Charles Kolb (Alternate).  

PAXINOSA ELEMENTARY: (1) John Hall, Trisha Schoeneck (Alternate).  

SHAWNEE ELEMENTARY: (1) Givon Ellison, Tracy Harris (Alternate).  

TRACY ELEMENTARY: (1) Eleanor Manchester, Anette Legath (Alternate).  

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